A walk down Haarlemmerdijk

IMG_20180919_131609101Haarlemmerdijk is one of Amsterdam’s lesser known shopping streets and a great alternative to the crowded sidewalks of the Dam or the Nieuwendijk- the two main streets connecting the Central Station to the Centrum. Located in the very North of the Jordaandistrict the Haarlemmerdijk has a lot to offer. While you won’t find Zara, H&M and the like you’ll get an array of beautiful concept stores, restaurants and cafes instead. Especially the environmental and consumer conscious amongst you should seriously consider a little trip up north- maybe even on a Wednesday when you’ll find a little farmers market offering local products on the Haarlemmerplein.IMG_20180919_140603567

The weather is good, the sidewalks are narrow. The number of concept stores with beautiful interior and incredibly expensive but heavenly soft cashmere sweaters in browns and baby-blues is seemingly endless. I don’t just find one vintage store, I find four. I try on a forest-green skirt, a 1920s-inspired top with beats and black lacing on beige silk and a pair of checkered pants I don’t feel brave enough to wear. I fall in love with a pair of vegan leather shoes just to fall out of love very quickly again when I see the 190€ price tag.


I manage to find a reusable water bottle in a shop that is stacked with non-toxic all-purpose cleaner, bamboo-toothbrushes, gorgeous pottery and cookbooks. In a store that only sells clothing manufactured in Amsterdam I try on some  jeans that were slightly too large. I get a soy-cappuccino and try to memorize all the restaurants where me and my friends could have lunch one day: A Vietnamese Pho Place, a Salad Bar, a Turkish speciality shop.

According to iamsterdam.com I also walked past the oldest cinema in the entire city- a small building with a massive billboard screaming ‘The Movies’. Yet another point I’ve added to my bucket list which keeps growing and growing.

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