8 YouTubers That Are Still Worth Your Time

My teenage self used to love Youtube. I used to spent hours and hours watching other people live their life, telling stories through the lens of a camera. But the excitement has worn off. I think we all feel it: Youtube is not what it used to be anymore. Haul videos and make-up tutorials full of product placements, What I eat in a days full of diet-propaganda, Youtube-drama, pointless challenge videos. Youtubers have to make money now, Youtube channels are commercial businesses. And that’s okay but it also means that I am a lot more careful with the content I consume. Thus, I cleaned out my subscription box and now there are 24 beautifully talented creators left, 10 of which you can find here.


Aly Art’s beauty videos blew my mind when I first saw them. This gorgeous Russian lady has serious skill. She does these make-up transformation videos where she demonstrates how the simple creation of shadow and light can turn her into icons such as Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn or Cara Delevingne. She has a whole series that focuses on individual body types, skin tones and face shapes as well as a several educational videos on Make-Up history. Alyona is just fascinating to watch and her approach to beauty puts an emphasis on playfulness, elegance and individuality. Check her out!

Loepsie is a 25 year old dutch Youtuber which I originally started watching to improve my dutch. One of her main english series is called “Beauty Beacons” where she recreates famous looks from books, shows or history. You can also find plenty of hair (this girl has beautiful hair) and make-up tutorials but she also focuses on topics such as minimalism and general life-advice. Her videos have a really calm and cozy feel to them and the love she puts into her historical based videos is ver much felt.


I seriously thing that, if more people would watch the School of Life, this world would be a better place. Based on different philosophical trains of thought they put out beautifully animated videos. In their channel description they say “We apply psychology, philosophy, and culture to everyday life, addressing the questions we’re never taught enough about at regular school or college: How can relationships go well? What is meaningful work? How can love last?”  which probably put it best. They gave me a completely new perspective on love and I promise that after watching their videos you are going to feel a little less lost and broken.


What I’ve learned puts out 10 to 20 Minute long video essays that concern themselves with a great range of topics usually focussed around debunking health claims, productivity and general life improvement. The videos are incredibly educational, well-researched and carefully edited. As his content is so hard to summarise I am just going to throw in some video titles that may give you a general idea: “The Story of Fat: Why we were Wrong about Health”, “How the Internet redesignes your Mind” and “Salt: Are you getting Enough?”

Improvement Pill describes himself as a “multi-vitamin but for the mind”. What a wonderful concept. On here you can find carefully animated videos about topics that can help you to improve your life (duh.). You want to know how to make friends? Break bad habits? Make a million? Find your purpose? You’ve come to the right place.


Lucy Moon is probably one of the most ‘conventional’ Youtubers that I watch. One that does blogs, room tours and morning routines. She is a proper new-age influencer but one with a beautiful mind. Her videos are edited with great skill and everything she puts out is carefully thought-through. Lucy feels honest and familiar, her aesthetics are pleasing and comforting. She has been around since 2010, has grown with me, influenced me but in a positive way. Sometimes she dares to put out a video in which she sings, talks about anxiety or feminism. Just watch this video which is part of a series where she documents 168 hours of her week and I think you will understand.

Pick up Limes (ha!) is the channel of Sadia who has studied nutrition and is the only food channel I am going to include in this list. YouTube is overflowing with different information on how to eat and what to eat. It can get quite confusing sometimes and while Sadia is indeed vegan she focuses on overall wellness rather than propagating some diet-related ideology. Besides creative recipe videos she also talks about minimalism, relaxation, natural beauty and productivity. Even if you’re not into veganism you should absolutely give her a watch. I mean, just look at her. She’s glowing.


Cat Creature helps me a lot when I am not feeling very well. Rationally speaking she really doesn’t do much but to showcast her life through a series of vlogs. Stunning vlogs may I add. No, seriously. Annabelle is an art student and has an incredible feel for aesthetics. The love, effort and time that she puts into every single one of her videos can easily be felt and yet, at first glance, the vlogs don’t show anything spectacular. Just Annabelle. How she does her reading for uni. How she takes a break and walks to the vending machine to get a chocolate bar. How she runs errands with her boyfriend. How her cat jumps off a table. She captures the beauty of the mundane perfectly. And with that she gives me the feeling that life is enough sometimes. That all you need is your loved ones, a cup of tea and maybe some cats around to keep you company.  


Doddleoddle is the main reason why I picked up the ukulele. Her voice just like her lyrics is incredibly soft and delicate. You just have to love her. I am serious- this girl is special. Dodie is incredibly good at being vulnerable and honest and humble. She shares her flaws and fears openly, talks about mental health and bisexuality. She shows you her acne, her tears and how to make mac and cheese while feeling anxious. After years of playing covers and self-composed songs on her bed in front a camera she has now made it to the big stage. I don’t think there is a single person that deserves it more.

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